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All good things come in small packages

Cardale this month made its smallest door on record, measuring at just 5ft (1524mm) high.

They had to pull out all the stops and with a team of engineers rose to the challenge. Cardale offers bespoke sizes that will fit a variety of doors.

The garage is an important security feature of the home. For example, the
garage door keeps personal belongings and vehicles safely stored behind it inside the garage. A door protects the inside of the garage and the contents from weather damage, including damaging rain, snow, sleet, hail, and wind

A good quality well fitted garage door is also a deterrent to car thieves and burglars. As well as being securely locked it would create quite a disturbance, especially at night-time, if a burglar was to try to break down a solidly built garage door.

This being Cardales smallest garage door is a good example of how Cardale works with a team of engineers to meet the specific needs of customers.

If you cannot find a garage door in the Cardale catalogue that is right for your home then you can contact Cardale to discuss a bespoke size on 0800 6569666.


Cardale Garage Doors is a brand wholly owned by Novoferm UK Limited