Our durable and flexible side-hinged doors are both flexible and good looking. Top for a 50/50 door split to create a traditional ‘barn door’ look, or offset for more practical opening. Crafted from either solid timber, steel, ABS or GRP, they’re low maintenance, easy to operate and secure. Thanks to their vintage looks and practicality, these doors are becoming increasingly popular.

All our doors meet the approved UK industry safety and quality standards.


These doors are the ultimate in simplicity. Side-hinged just like a standard door, each side can be opened individually, with no vertical lift that eats into your garage ceiling area. This also makes them easier to operate. Opening outwards, the simple sideways hinge mechanism makes them perfect for garages and workshops where wall access is needed near the entrance.

Steel side-hinged doors are made from quality galvanised steel, making them corrosion resistant and totally weatherproof.

Patterns and Surfaces

Our timber doors are made using sustainable cedar and are ideal for creating a traditional look, being durable as well as attractive. Choose a hand-finished door from one of our four woodtones.

If you want something other than wood, choose from standard powder-coated white, laminated wood effect, textured plastisol or fully finished coloured steel finishes. With a wide range of patterns available including vertical, horizontal and diagonal panelling as well as window options, you’ll find the perfect side-hinged door for your home.

Our side hinged doors

Side hinged steel doors

Doors open outwards only, with the lock on the right when viewed from the outside

Timber side hinged doors

Timber doors are supplied basecoat stained,ready for finishing to the colour of your choice.

GRP side hinged and personnel doors

The Cardale range of GRP side hinged garage doors combine all the advantages and practicality of GRP with the convenience of a tried and tested form of operation.